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Missy Pyle

Vaccines and Herd Immunity in 'Law & Order: SVU'

Law & Order: SVU faced an unexpected challenge in the episode, Granting Immunity, as they go about their business of solving their usual sex crime cases: the anti-vaccine movement. The episode begins as expected with the detectives investigating the case of pictures taken at a middle school "Rainbow Party" that suddenly goes viral. The detectives’...

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Is the science presented in Contagion relevant and accurate?

THERE ARE NO SPOILERS HERE YOU CAN READ WITHOUT KNOWING EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENS Contagion is one of the few Hollywood films to employ on, the whole, highly credible science. As a movie "Contagion" more than hits home and, in my view, the most frightening aspect is the deliberate feel of the mundane and ordinary. It...

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