The Three Most Dangerous Film Shoots of All Time (And What Hollywood Can Learn from Them)

Justin O'Sullivan

To create cinematic action which is both believable and interesting, film producers often spend millions, but sometimes it is the actors that pay the real price for shooting a scene. Because of this, it is not uncommon for a big-budget blockbuster to be put behind schedule because of an injured lead actor. And while the...
Missy Pyle

Vaccines and Herd Immunity in Law & Order: SVU

David Latchman

"Law & Order: SVU" faced an unexpected challenge in the episode, "Granting Immunity," as they go about their business of solving their usual sex crime cases: the anti-vaccine movement. The episode begins as expected with the detectives investigating the case of pictures taken at a middle school "Rainbow Party" that suddenly goes viral. The detectives’...

Did Rose murder Jack in the Titanic drowning scene?

Nikola Raic

Whether it is because people are trying to spoil one of the greatest romantic movies, or they are just trying to convince themselves that Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) was really supposed to die, the debate about the scene when Rose (Kate Winslet) drops Jack into the sea is still going on. The question everyone is asking...

Is the science presented in Contagion relevant and accurate?

Mark Plummer

THERE ARE NO SPOILERS HERE YOU CAN READ WITHOUT KNOWING EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENS "Contagion" is one of the few Hollywood films to employ on, the whole, highly credible science. As a movie "Contagion" more than hits home and, in my view, the most frightening aspect is the deliberate feel of the mundane and ordinary. It...
Walking on Miller's Planet

Surfing on Interstellar Tidal Waves

David Latchman

In the movie Interstellar, Joseph Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) lands the Ranger 1 on Miller’s planet, a water world orbiting the supermassive black hole, Gargantua. Initial scans show the planet rich with the organic molecules, water, and sunlight necessary for life. Instead, what the team encounters is a shallow water world with 1.2-kilometer high waves. These...

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