Clone Dance

Does epigenetic variation explain the differences among Orphan Black's clones?

In a recent a blog post (nature vs. nurture), I outlined how it is that we aren’t much closer to understanding what makes each of the clones of Orphan Black totally unique. Though they sure do look alike, Orphan Black Wikia - Sarah Manning (Tatiana Maslany) is a rebel, Orphan Black Wikia - Alison Hendrix...

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Breaking Bad Mercury Fulminate

Is Walter White's chemistry genius real?

Breaking Bad tells the story of Walter White (Bryan Cranston), a high school chemistry teacher, who is bored, boring and tragically middle aged. He is a logical thinker who seems to end up the loser in every situation. After being diagnosed with terminal cancer, he decides to make a drastic change to his life as he may leave...

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