Spider-Man meets Mysterio

'Spider-Man: Far from Home' and Physics of the MCU Multiverse

In a scene from Spider-Man: Far from Home, first seen on Ellen, Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Tom Holland) meets Quentin Beck/Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) and discovers the new superhero is not from his universe but from a parallel Earth. Beck explains, “There are multiple realities, Peter. This is Earth, dimension 616. I am from Earth-833. We share identical...

Sophia Nasr 12 Monkeys

Interview with 12 Monkeys Science Advisor Sophia Nasr

As the hit time-travel TV show 12 Monkeys enters its fourth and final season, we talked to the show's season four science advisor, Sophia Nasr. Sophia is an astroparticle physicist working on dark matter. We talked to her about the work she does at UC Irvine, why dark matter (not the show) is so important,...


Review of 'The Crossing'

What would you do if a group of people suddenly appears seeking asylum from a war? The first step would be to vet their story, see if what they are saying is true. What if this group of people is American and the conflict they are escaping happens 180 years in the future? The pilot...


God is an algorithm: why we're closer to a Black Mirror-style reality than we think

This article contains spoilers about Black Mirror, season four Do we have free will, or are we controlled by a higher power? The capacity to act and determine one’s own actions in an increasingly technologised world is the most prominent theme in the latest season of Netflix’s Black Mirror. And the question writer Charlie Brooker...


New ways scientists can help put science back into popular culture

How often do you, outside the requirements of an assignment, ponder things like the workings of a distant star, the innards of your phone camera, or the number and layout of petals on a flower? Maybe a little bit, maybe never. Too often, people regard science as sitting outside the general culture: A specialized, difficult...

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