Is Walter White's chemistry genius real?



Justin O'Sullivan

Justin O’Sullivan is a writer, safety expert, and the owner of Storage Equipment Experts. As well as writing articles about workplace safety for a wide range of publications, he also delivers a wide range of racking inspection services across the UK.

Phil Nista

In addition to being a lifelong fan of sci-fi, Phil Nista is also a freelance writer and editor. It's as profitable as it sounds, and he's never been happier. He holds both a BS in ecology and evolutionary biology and PhD in plain old biology from the University of Connecticut (go basketball!) and Indiana University (go even more basketball!), respectively. Though Phil is fairly tall, he does not care for basketball.

David Latchman

David is the founder of the Science vs. Hollywood website and is a major science and sci-fi geek who loves to communicate science to a (sometimes) interested audience.

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